Tuttosport have been encouraged over the potential price of Alex Sandro either in January or the next summer window.

With Chelsea strongly linked to the player for some months, Juventus’ stance had appeared to soften recently, with the Turin club even looking at alternatives for the fullback.

The Virgil van Dijk transfer has been a significant development, believe Tuttosport, reporting their local club will now have an even stronger position to demand a good price from Chelsea.

If Liverpool are prepared to pay so much for a defender, then it’s believed in Italy that the same will go for other Premier League clubs. Tuttosport state Juventus will demand ‘Not less than €60m, maybe more…’ for the player to leave, and then they’d go for a much cheaper replacement, leaving money to invest elsewhere.

For Chelsea, a rising price obviously isn’t good news, but the latest claims from Tuttosport do seem to fit in well with the idea that Juventus are warming to a sale. Now Antonio Conte would just have to convince the Chelsea board to go very high for a deal, and that may be easier said than done.