There has been unrest in Chile over the past few days and it started with protests over an increase in metro fares, but it was then extended to living costs and inequality. Some factions are said to have been involved in arson, looting and vandalism.

Leeds United manager Marcelo Bielsa was in charge of the Chile national team for four years between 2007 to 2011, and is widely appreciated by those in the South American nation.

The Whites settled for a goalless draw against Sheffield Wednesday in the last league tie and after the game, the Argentine was asked to give his thoughts on the situation in Chile.

“I am a football manager and for this reason I am not authorised, I don’t have the power to talk about anything and my opinion is just one more opinion,” he said, as quoted by Leeds Live.

“Not because my opinion has importance, if not because everybody will replay. Also, I am not Chilean and I am forced to be prudent. With these limits I have, I admire what the Chilean people are doing, the normal citizens. They take the democracy in a different way.”

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The last part has led to criticism.

José Luis Chilavert played under Bielsa at Vélez Sarsfield and the Paraguayan took to the social networking site to slam the Leeds boss for his latest comments on Chile’s unrest.

“Marcelo Bielsa, you are in favour of criminals who burn buildings, trains, cars, you notice that you have not learned anything from life,” José Luis Chilavert tweeted.

“It is easy to comment from England. We taught you success in Velez and You have not learned anything. Failures in football, drive to populism.”