“Not so great” – Newcastle defender on Covid-19 issues, suggests player health...

“Not so great” – Newcastle defender on Covid-19 issues, suggests player health not considered important enough


The current international break is going to be hit by Covid-19. Already players have been pulled out of various national team squads as quarantine rules and restrictions differ for different countries and even regions within them.

On top of that there’s the routine set of tests that players will go through when they join up with squads, and given positive tests continue through world football it’d be no surprise to see further withdrawals after that. Injuries, partly due to the compacted season and a lack of rest, are also playing a part.

Newcastle United’s Fabian Schar is away with the Swiss national team and has spoken to Blick newspaper. Asked if he’s feeling rested, Schar said yes and requested Blick explain why they’d asked the question.

The Swiss newspaper pointed out that there’s so little rest for footballers right now, and the Newcastle defender replied: “There is a lot that is required of the players. It was clear that it was going to be tough and we are used to playing a lot. Apparently there are more important things than player health.”

Pressed on whether he was referring to the round of international friendlies, Schar said: “I understand the associations, they want and have to catch up on what they have missed. But one more trip, three more games in 10 days… I don’t know.

“Our opinion is never asked much, but actually we are the ones on the pitch.”

The Newcastle player doesn’t think he’ll be able to have a break until next summer, and the last holiday he had was to Greece in summer 2019.

This is again down to the pandemic, and when asked how the Covid-19 situation feels in newcastle, he replied: “Not so great. Since Thursday there has been lockdown for a month again. Everything is closed, the restaurants, cafes, shops, fitness centres, hairdressers. Only the grocery stores are open.”