With the season coming to an end, it’s time for players to speak to their home country’s press and explain everything about the year they’ve spent abroad.

That’s why Norwich City striker Nélson Oliveira has an entire page in A Bolay, analysing his season in the Championship.

As a stardard Portuguese interview, he obviously spent some time talking about his adaptation to England, watching games from his former club Benfica, and the difference between the Championship and the Portuguese league.

But A Bola poked the player once or twice hinting about a possible transfer in the summer market, and Oliveira was completely fine to talk about it.

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A Bola first teased him saying that with no offence to Norwich City, people in Portugal think Oliveira deserved a little bit more, maybe in the Premier League. He replied: “We’ll get there! I still have time, I have matured enough, and I feel more prepared to respond to what people expect of me.

“Those who are suspicious of my quality, I will have the opportunity to surprise and prove them wrong. That’s what I work for.”

Then he was directly asked if he’s staying or changing clubs this summer: “As for my career, rest assured: the next season will bring news. I don’t know what’s coming, I can’t talk about proposals.”

Oliveira joined Norwich in a €6m deal from Benfica in 2016. He finished the current season with 40 appearances, eight goals and three assists.