Back at the start of the month, Portuguese newspaper A Bola sent a journalist to Hillsborough, where he watched Sheffield Wednesday’s 5-1 win over Norwich City.

They then conducted interviews with a couple of players involved in the game, including the Canaries’ right-back Ivo Pinto. And for some reason, the stories were only written in today’s edition of the newspaper.

The chat Pinto had with A Bola was mostly about how happy he is in England. The newspaper didn’t take long to ask him if he’s thinking of leaving the club soon, and the player made sure to say he likes the local football.

“I have another year of contract, but I feel good here. Romania, Croatia, always moving. England loves football,” said the player, who had played for CRF Cluj and Dinamo Zagreb in the past.

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As Pinto started most of the Championship games for Norwich City this season, he claims to have no reason to think of an exit: “I feel more adapted, only in the last three games I did not start. Returning to Portugal is not in my horizons.”

To make his point to the journalist, he’s shown how the attendance in the Championship can be as big as those from the top clubs in Portugal: “It’s like I’m telling you, I do not see myself going back. Just be here, see the involvement of a second tier game, like this between Norwich and Sheffield Wednesday, with almost 30,000 in the stadium, you realise the passion. In Portugal, only FC Porto, Benfica or Sporting bring so many people to watch.”