Sporting haven’t really wanted to accept that Marvin Zeegelaar won’t be joining Norwich City in January. For a couple of days the Portuguese media have reflected that, believing a transfer agreement could be reached between the Dutchman and Norwich.

However, now it’s more accepted that the deal is off, which is bad news for Sporting. Not only were the Lisbon club keen to get their hands on Norwich’s €3.5m, which would represent a huge profit, they were also looking at bringing in other players, and Zeegelaar staying will block another space in the squad.

Portuguese newspaper Record say Norwich City’s offer to Zeegelaar was ‘tempting’ from a financial perspective but he wasn’t impressed with their place in the Championship and doesn’t believe a real battle for promotion is likely.

Sporting could still try and sell him on elsewhere, and if Zeegelaar had a change of heart then the club would jump at sending him to England for the terms already agreed.