Norwich City and Fulham are both keeping an eye on a player, or players, in Belgium. During the winter transfer window Fulham approached several players in Belgium football before finally signing Cyriac at the end of the window.

Fulham have been more active than Norwich in Belgium, bringing in several players over the past few years. The league is cheaper to recruit from than France’s Ligue 1, so there’s often a greater chance of a bargain.

Anderlecht Online report that both Fulham and Norwich will have an official watch the match between Charleroi and Anderlecht tonight, an important game in Belgium’s end of season championship play-offs.

The Belgian league splits in the second half of the season and the overall winner is decided by a series of play-offs.

There’s no indication who either Championship club have got their eye on, but both Fulham and Norwich will be setting the building blocks of summer transfers, and seem to have a Belgium based player on the agenda.

For Fulham, especially, that is really no surprise.