Norwich City are not waiting to start their scouting jobs this season, as some of their officials are already working in Portugal.

As reported by local newspaper O Jogo today, the Canaries had an emissary watch the match between Braga and Moreirense this Sunday.

It’s still not clear who the club had an eye on, and since we’ve never seem them linked to players from Braga or Moreirense, the visit to the north of Portugal is probably part of their scouting plans for the season.

There were some highlights from Braga to see, since they managed to win the match 3-1, with goals by Fransérgio, Hassan and Wilson Eduardo. Fransérgio had a great exhibition, as he also made an assist and was responsible for most of the home team’s attacking plays.

By knowing it’s always hard to take stars from Benfica, Sporting and Porto, perhaps it’s a good plan to seek players from other Portuguese clubs. That’s a way to avoid paying a lot more by getting to footballers before they join the big three.