This morning, we covered Bruno Fernandes’ interview with the Portuguese media where he denied any kind of row with Manchester United manager Ole Gunnar Solskjaer.

Following Portugal’s match against Sweden, the midfielder spoke to Sport TV and claimed that the news are ‘lies’, especially because this isn’t the first time his name is involved in these rumours.

It turns out that wasn’t the only interview given by Bruno Fernandes after that game.

He also spoke to Brazilian outlet Esporte Interativo, and was asked pretty much the same thing. But his answer was a little different, and we bring his quotes below.

“Basically none of what was said happened”, Bruno Fernandes told Esporte Interativo. “There was not a word from me in the dressing room, because I thought it was not the time to speak, even because we were losing”.

“We went out with a 4-1 result. It was obviously everyone’s fault, it wasn’t mine or a teammate’s or another’s. It wasn’t the coach’s fault, the coach is the same, the tactics are the same, the players are the same, so we can’t blame anyone but everyone in this case.”

“Obviously for me it’s very ugly to see my name associated with this because it’s a lie. I talked to my coach and said I was going to defend him publicly, because he knows how much I appreciate him. And I’m very grateful, because he bet on me, he wanted me at Manchester, and at no time am I dissatisfied with his tactics. Because the way we play is the same as when I arrived. Why would I be dissatisfied at that moment and six months ago, for example, I wasn’t?”

“If anyone wants to cause a conflict within Manchester it’s not me nor any teammate, they are outsiders, they want to create a bad atmosphere in the dressing room and they will not succeed, because the group is united and is focused on giving an important answer already in Newcastle.”

Speaking to sources close to Bruno Fernandes back on Tuesday, Sport Witness had already heard that the news about the row were ‘lies’, as the player was ‘committed’ to Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s project at Manchester United.

Now with these quotes, the midfielder seems to indeed have a good relationship with the Norwegian manager.