Last week, we pointed out how confusing Andreas Pereira’s choice of position at his new club has been.

The Manchester United loanee, who in the summer claimed he’d like more playing time as a number 10, seemed to have changed his opinion when arriving at Flamengo last month.

Even though Pereira has always been an advanced midfielder, it was revealed last week by manager Renato Portaluppi that the player claimed to be a ‘second defensive midfielder’ when joining the Rio de Janeiro side.

In our opinion, that was because of the heavy competition in attacking roles.

Either way, Flamengo played Grêmio at home and lost 1-0 yesterday. The club’s main main number 10, Giorgian de Arrascaeta, was unavailable, and Andreas still started in central midfield.

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Manager Renato Portaluppi was asked why he didn’t use the Manchester United player in what would be his natural role. Once again, he claimed that Pereira himself said his position is as a second midfielder, and he will not ‘adapt’ him as a number 10.

“This could happen, but that’s what I say, I usually listen to the player a lot. And listening to the player he likes to play there, right where I’m putting him. So it’s no use putting him in another position if the player suddenly doesn’t feel good,” said Renato Portaluppi (via Coluna do Fla).

“I don’t like to improvise. If you have a player in a position, it’s no use improvising one who doesn’t like playing in that position. It’s no use covering your feet and uncovering your face. They are two very high quality players. It’s no use putting a player where he doesn’t feel good.”

It now becomes clearer that Pereira promised his coach he likes playing deep, even though he said the opposite when still at Manchester United.

Now it seems he must stick to his word.