Manchester United boss José Mourinho gave an interview to ESPN Brasil right after Saturday’s clash against Chelsea at Stamford Bridge.

The Portuguese manager was first asked by reporter Natali Gedra if it was an important point conquered in such a difficult clash against the Blues in London. But that’s not how he sees it.

“I completely disagree,” José Mourinho told ESPN Brasil. “Two points lost. Because the best team usually wins. When you don’t win, you do not have the feeling of a winning point, you have the feeling of two lost points.

“And that’s what we feel right now. They are two points lost because the best team should have won.”

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Asked to compare the first half with the second, Mourinho claims that things remained the same, and the difference was that Manchester United started trying harder to score a goal.

“In the first half, the game was completely controlled. But we were not being ambitious enough to score. In the second half we kept this game control, we kept this defensive organisation, but we were more ambitious, more intense, more courageous. The players risked more. And the two goals came and more could have come.”

Mourinho has also talked about the incident with Chelsea’s staff. Just like in the press conference, he was quick to end the controversy, saying everything is fine between them.

“It’s over, it’s over. No, it was an assistant who for no reason insulted me. But at the end of the game both his boss, the manager, and himself, apologised. And I accepted the apologies, and it’s over.”