Wednesday’s edition of the Romelu Lukaku saga brings you, at least at first glance, two very different stories from Gazzetta dello Sport and Corriere dello Sport.

We’ll start with the “bad” news, which comes from the former of the two, as they sound all downbeat about the Belgian potentially featuring on Wednesday against Leeds United… which in the end he didn’t.

They had a quite in depth analysis of what this could mean, especially if he ended up getting injured, but the bottom line is, Inter still can’t afford the 26-year-old unless the Red Devils decide to lower their demands.

If they are to find an agreement, it would probably be best to do so by the end of the week, as it would help avoid Lukaku featuring against the Serie A side in their scheduled friendly on Saturday.

This is where Corriere dello Sport appear to step in with their two page exposé on the matter, reporting that Inter are going to ramp up their efforts by the week’s end.

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Following their meeting with the Premier League side in London, Piero Ausilio and co. allegedly took their time to sit down and put together an offer that, ‘even if it isn’t accepted, will at least open negotiations’.

Unfortunately, what appears to, at first, be their information really isn’t and this all stems from the Sky Sports News report published on Tuesday, which they even refer to midway through.

What appears to be fresh news, however, is the section explaining Inter, for the time being, are not planning on travelling back to England as both Ausilio and Beppe Marotta will travel east to join up with the team on their preseason tour.

This means it would be ‘surprising’ if Lukaku was their player by the time the Italians face Juventus next week.

There’s no end in sight in this one, and the more this goes on, the more Ole Gunnar Solskjaer will start planning around having the Belgian in his squad for the upcoming season.