Screen Shot 2016-09-14 at 11.38.26Arsenal’s performance against PSG on Tuesday wasn’t brilliant, but they managed to come away with a draw thanks to Edinson Cavani deciding that one goal was enough for himself.

French newspaper L’Equipe have been rather savage in their assessment of the performance of some players. David Ospina received huge praise, so perhaps it was a balancing out thing.

Arsenal defender Shkodran Mustafi didn’t have a great game but maybe L’Equipe have been a little harsh rating him 2 out of 10. Their words are pretty cutting too: ‘He lived a nightmare… Fortunately for Arsenal, he was less seen in the second half.’

Hector Bellerin didn’t do much better, getting a 3, and the following assessment: ‘He was completely dominated physically, and for once his speed has not always helped him get by.’

Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain and Nacho Monreal were also rated as 3, with Arsenal fan favourite Mesut Ozil doing a little better with a 4, L’Equipe saying he showed he can change the game with one action, but not much else.

Despite all of that, manager Arsene Wenger got a 6, with L’Equipe explaining that his decision to play Ospina was proven correct, and substitutions revived the attack, with Granit Xhaka helping Arsenal keep the ball better.