Sometimes when a transfer rumour pops up, it’s easy to dismiss it without even reading what it says.

That’s what most have done when it comes with the latest transfer rumour linking Álvaro Morata with a move to Manchester United.

The suggestion from the English media was that United were interested in the striker and made him a priority for January, with them in desperate need for a striker.

Indeed, they had even been in contact with the striker but, unfortunately, he had rejected it outright in preference of staying at Atlético Madrid.

Which makes plenty of sense given the torrid time the Spaniard endured at Chelsea and is seemingly far happier in Spain these days.

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In truth, the transfer rumour was dubious at best because of that, as Morata’s time in England and how much he didn’t enjoy it is common knowledge, so the idea he would want to come back to England was debatable.

If that wasn’t enough of a death knell for the rumour, then AS have moved to put a final nail in the coffin.

They cover the rumour today and seem to be treating it with as much disdain as the rest of us. They explain that Morata is seen as ‘an untouchable striker’ by Atletico boss Diego Simeone.

He wants to keep the striker, while they also confirm that the striker does not want to move as he feels ‘very integrated’ at the club.

Those two things would surely put an end to this rumour, which, let’s be honest, wasn’t all that believable to start with.