Newcastle United striker Ayoze Pérez gave a very good interview to the Spanish media on Tuesday, talking about his current life at the club.

Speaking to El Dorsal, the player commented on his transfer to the Magpies, adaptation to England, manager Rafa Benítez and even a possible departure in case they don’t get promotion this season.

The conversation started with a “good afternoon” said in English just to ask Pérez how is he doing with the language: “I get along very well. After two years here and I already consider myself bilingual. It’s very good for me and I am very happy to speak another language.”

The 23-year-old was questioned about the supporter reaction to him remaining at the club after relegation: “The fans have always been very close, they always thanked me to have stayed. Despite the interest that there was from big clubs to sign me, I have a debt with the fans, I want to return to the Premier League with Newcastle.”

On the manager Rafa Benítez, Pérez talked about his importance in convincing him to stay at Newcastle to play the Championship: “His opinion had much influence, he’s a great manager and speaking the same language influences me a lot too. I like his methodology and decided to stay with him for this challenge.”

The player was also questioned about Fabricio Coloccini’s departure from the club, who was said to be his ‘older brother’: “It’s complicated, we were always together and he helped my adaptation a lot when I came to Newcastle. It gets a little hard, but I keep a great relationship with him even if from a distance. Now I have a Spanish teammate Jesus Gamez, little by little we get to know each other better better.”

Questioned if he’s leaving Newcastle if they fail to promote, he said: “I don’t think of it because I trust in the return to the Premier League. I see the team able to return, but in any case I’d have to see, under the circumstances, if I would have to take some important decision about my future.”

Pérez also compared the Championship to the Spanish second division: “There is little difference, except for the quality of players. It’s a tough competition with many games, but we have a great squad and we should achieve the objective of promotion.”

And when asked about his objectives for the next few years, the striker said: “I’m very ambitious, I don’t set a top goal. I would like to play for the national team one day and also in European competitions. Therefore I work hard everyday.”