Thugs who go around punching strangers, generally aren’t the brightest sparks in the engine, and that’s been shown again via an incident involving a Newcastle United fan in Italy this week.

On Wednesday evening, struggling Juventus travelled to La Spezia to face Spezia, a match they eventually won 3-2 after failing to get anywhere near top form during the game.

La Spezia is a city close to several major Italian tourist destinations, such as Lerici, Cinque Terre and Porto Venere. Therefore, plenty of people visit the area from around the world, even if La Spezia, especially around the football ground, isn’t as pretty as its close neighbours.

This is just what an Englishman, a Newcastle United supporter who had travelled to stay with friends, did on Wednesday. Wearing a Magpies top, his car was encouraged to slow down whilst in the city, only for someone to then punch him in the throat, Citta della Spezia report.

More people gathered around the car, and it became clear local fans thought the traveller was a follower of the Turin club, given the black and white stripes. The man’s friends managed to park up, and then he showed the Newcastle badge to those taking an interest in him.

Police were called and a complaint has been filed.