Nolberto Solano, a fan favourite during his time with Newcastle United, was arrested by the Peruvian police last night, according to local reports.

The 45-year-old was caught at a party in the district of La Molina, breaking the social isolation rules imposed by the local government.

It’s outlet Libero who reports it today, saying the police had to climb up the walls of a house after being ignored by the people who were there. The place was in the same block as where Solano lives.

Solano, who had two spells with Newcastle, was with five other people, with former Peruvian midfielder Pablo Zegarra being one of them.

“No sir, what party?” said Solano when taken by the police.

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Solano was later transferred to a police station in La Molina, and then released by the police. He spoke to the local press after that, and insisted that they were not throwing a party.

“It was a meeting, not a party, look how I’m dressed. Everyone complains.”

Peru currently has 580 confirmed Coronavirus cases, with nine deaths so far. The TV reporters who covered Solano’s arrest were wearing masks to protect themselves.