Sometimes we need to look to history for a bit of encouragement and for Austrian side LASK, it is Newcastle who are doing that this year.

That’s according to Kronen Zeitung, who say ‘Newcastle serve as encouragement’ for the side after a disappointing start to their Europa League campaign.

They explain that LASK are still without a point after three games in the group stages this season but that is not stopping them at this moment in time.

Indeed, they ‘can still dream of promotion’ from the group stages and that hope is basically based on the fact that Newcastle once did it.

They ‘serve as encouragement’ after they managed zero points from the first nine in the Champions League in the 2002/03 season.

But they ‘sensationally’ managed to reach the knockout stages regardless, beating Juventus, Dynamo Kiev and then Feyenoord to make it through.

That shows that it can be done and is serving as hope for the Austrians, who believe they can still dream of second place, so long as they can get wins in their two remaining home games against Union SG and FC Toulouse.