Even though not all of the new rumours regarding Newcastle United’s transfer plans will be true, some of the stories do make sense when we see what’s being said on the other side.

A good example of it is the situation of Ousmane Dembélé at Barcelona. With his contract expiring at the end of the season, there’s now a little saga about his renewal.

Outlet Mundo Deportivo writes that despite positive signs from the player’s entourage in September, the Catalan side have been waiting for ‘news’ from his agent.

Barça now suspect that representative Moussa Sissoko has ‘much juicier proposals from other clubs’, and that’s where Newcastle comes in.

They point out that, according to recent reports, the Magpies are offering Dembélé a signing bonus of €15m, plus a salary of €15m per season.

To stop this saga from dragging too much, Barcelona are now set to give the player an ‘ultimatum’ and require an answer ‘by the end of the month’.

Otherwise they’ll consider that he wants to go.

So if Newcastle are indeed interested in taking Dembélé to the St. James’ Park, it seems it won’t take long until we know if he’s staying at Barça or not.