Earlier today we covered claims from Russia’s Sport Express that John Terry to Spartak Moscow was wobbling, at least partly because of the English media.

This gave hope to Aston Villa, and the chance of a return to Steve Bruce’s side was reported across the English media.

Despite Terry already having passed a medical in Italy, it was claimed ‘there are difficulties’ on the move to Spartak because of ‘numerous negative publications about our country in the English press’.

Everything else was said to be fine, money wasn’t thought to be a problem because the terms had already been agreed.

Now there’s a new twist.

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The same Sport Express reports there’ll be another round of talks in London today between representatives of both Terry and Spartak.

According to the Russian claims, after passing a medical and already agreeing terms, the former Chelsea captain now wants more money.

That Terry and Spartak would be holding further talks isn’t the best news for Aston Villa. But this isn’t the done deal it was presented as a few days ago.