Marcel Brands to Everton is getting a little annoying now.

For several weeks an announcement has been expected that week, and the PSV technical director is continually rowed closer to Goodison Park, before he’s rowed back out to calm water to think some more.

A few days ago we covered a big article from Dutch magazine Voetbal International. They presented Brands to Everton as pretty much done, and other signals from the Netherlands somewhat mirrored that.

But now Eindhoven Dagblad bring everything back a little. They believe Brands is still making his mind up whether to join Everton or not, and PSV are waiting for news.

The Dutch newspaper state: ‘Yesterday it was still impossible to say what the future of technical manager Marcel Brands looks like. He has been in Everton’s interest in the Premier League for a while. It is expected that in the very short term he will let them know whether or not he will continue with PSV.’

Brands is said to still be working on signing several youngsters for the Eredivisie side, whilst other business will also need doing soon.

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The situation is increasingly odd. If Brands is leaving PSV then surely it would be the right time to say so, and if he isn’t then it’d help everyone involved to know that too.

Whatever the reasoning, whether it’s protracted talks with Everton, or PSV, it surely didn’t need to go on this long. If it hadn’t been for signals from Goodison, and Sam Allardyce actually speaking about Brands, it’d be easy to believe the whole thing is nonsense.

It doesn’t appear to be nonsense, but if it goes on much longer it’ll certainly be ridiculous.