De Telegraaf go big on Frank de Boer and Crystal Palace in their Monday edition. Whilst the main article is all about backing De Boer and insinuating Steve Parish could be chief culprit, an opinion column doesn’t shy away from criticising the Dutchman.

Should Frank get sacked, then Valentijn Driessen believes it’s his own fault, for again picking the wrong club.

When De Boer took over at Inter Milan there felt an inevitability in his reign. The player power balance was all wrong with some, the expectations fans were encouraged to have didn’t match with reality, and the squad was ready to eat up a manager.

Frank de Boer was the man, and he’d taken on an impossible job. Such was the situation that it was widely considered, even in Italy, that De Boer’s Inter nightmare was more a reflection on the club than the manager.

But, that he then chose Crystal Palace means the sympathy has gone for Driessen. Couldn’t De Boer just pick a job this time that wasn’t a slippery slope to failure?

‘De Boer must seek the blame for himself. For making the wrong choice. Again he chose a club which commissioned him to implement another football culture. Impossible assignments at clubs such as Internazionale and Crystal Palace, institutions lacking patience and internal support from the club leadership as well as capital or the will to fund the new course.’

Of course, De Boer hasn’t been sacked yet and there’s still a chance the manager could lead a revolution at Crystal Palace. De Telegraaf’s point is not only is that very unlikely, but that it was even before De Boer actually took over.

Perhaps the next time De Boer should take a job which requires a good football coach, rather than a magician.