Last week, we covered an article from Tiempo in Mexico, who claimed Manchester City were ‘very interested’ in Chivas midfielder Orbelín Pineda.

The 20-year-old has been in good form for the Mexican side, and even if no offer was made, the Premier League club were said to be keeping an eye on the starlet as part of a new incentive to find young talents on the other side of the Atlantic.

The club’s owner, Jorge Vergara, tried to dismiss the speculation by saying the player would be staying with them for ‘a good while’, and now it’s the manager’s turn to play down Pep Guardiola’s interest in the player.

Speaking to the press, Matias Almeyda, relayed by Itapunta, claimed that there was ‘nothing concrete’ in Manchester City’s interest in Pineda.

However, the former Argentinean defensive midfielder did say his young prodigy ‘will eventually need to end up in a great club, as he has the ability and the characteristics’ to do so.

Pineda has been an ever-present figure for Chivas in the league ever since his move from Queretaro FC back in 2015, and was described as ‘carrying the club on his back’ by Tiempo last time around.