Chile manager Reinaldo Rueda has once again urged Claudio Bravo to play for Manchester City so he can have a spot in the national team.

Besides all the controversies the goalkeeper has with La Roja, the manager is now concerned that Bravo may not be fully recovered from his achilles injury to feature at the Copa America.

That’s why when speaking to Radio Agricultura this week, he says he’s expecting the player to have some appearances for the Premier League side so he can see how he’s doing.

“Claudio’s is an issue that we are considering. His return to high competitions is positive. Hopefully, he will soon appear in matches and achieve the level we all want,” Rueda told Radio Agricultura (via La Tercera).

“That way, at the moment that the squad needs him, he will be able to arrive at an excellent level, so that he contributes to us.”

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This should be a complicated situation for Bravo, since Manchester City are fighting for titles in all the competitions they are in, with Ederson being the first option.

Now the question is if Pep Guardiola knows about this situation, so he could give Bravo a chance to prove himself and maybe get called up to play the Copa America next summer.

It’s not really Guardiola’s problem.