Last week, there was a new controversy in Colombia with national team legend Freddy Rincón criticising James Rodriguez.

In those quotes, the former midfielder claimed the Everton star has become ‘untouchable’, even though he needs ‘more to be a crack’.

This is a quarrel which has been going on for a while. Rincón’s hard feelings for James Rodriguez have been shown for a few years, and things became personal when the Toffees star claimed to be the best Colombian player ever.

So someone must show up to make peace between the two, and that’s Carlos Valderrama.

The always charismatic Colombian figure believes the friendship between Rincón and Rodriguez must be established, and for that to happen, he’ll try to arrange a football match between the two. That would happen with the help of another legend, Faustino Asprilla.

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“In this matter, as I’m captain of the national team, I’m already looking for them to fix the boy. I’m looking for a little party to invite both of them… A football game, we have a field, our field is in Tuluá, I have to talk to Fausto and that’s it,” Valderrama told ESPN (via Infobae).

Earlier today, we covered quotes from James Rodriguez claiming he doesn’t know if he’ll be able to play for the national team in the coming games, as he’d have a hard time returning to Everton afterwards.

So perhaps it will take a little longer until he gets to Colombia and makes peace with Rincón.