For the past couple of years, it’s been a pleasure to cover the Chilean media during international breaks. They will always bring the drama about Claudio Bravo, and that becomes the main subject while La Roja play their boring friendlies.

The Manchester City goalkeeper finally returned to the Chile squad in the last international break, but at the time he didn’t have the chance to meet the Barcelona star Arturo Vidal.

Vidal had been a target for Bravo’s wife in 2017, when she went public criticising some players for missing the qualification for the World Cup.

Now for the first time, both of them are in the squad. And although Bravo wasn’t the first one to give a press conference this Tuesday, journalists still wanted to know about the subject, asking Mauricio Isla about the encounter.

“I hope they have that meeting. Arturo arrived very late last night and it’s a meeting that they have to hold between the two, face to face, and we hope this ends for themselves and also for the good of the national team,” said Isla (via La Tercera).

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During his arrival in Chile on Monday, Vidal has also spoken about the situation. He claims to be taking it very calm, waiting for things to be sorted as soon as possible.

“It’s been two years and you keep talking about the same. Now they called him and we wait to see what happens. What is spoken remains in the dressing room. We must work to make Chile one of the best in the world.

“I hope the topic with Claudio and the other colleagues is cut. For once in these two years, think only of the national team and not look for extra-football problems. Things will be said, but always thinking about the national team,” he said (via Radio Agricultura).

La Tercera brings today a very long story about the first training session that Bravo and Vidal had together. But despite eight paragraphs of drama, it’s just said that the Manchester City and Barcelona players didn’t have a lot of time together, although there are signs of a truce.