It’s obviously not only Manchester City who were worried about Gabriel Jesus’ knee injury. With only six months to the World Cup, the Brazilian national team have also been concerned, and have been following the situation.

On Monday, national team doctor Rodrigo Lasmar had already spoken to ESPN, saying he’d been in contact with Manchester City, but couldn’t know the seriousness of the injury as the player hadn’t been examined yet.

Now the doctor has talked to Globo Esporte, and was able to give a better response about Gabriel Jesus’ treatment.

“I can’t speak of a timeline, this is with the City doctors, but we’ve been talking every day and we know everything that’s been done,” Lasmar told Globo Esporte.

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“Gabriel will recover quickly, in the best possible way. Of course an injury like this is worrying, but there is no indication of surgery and we are sure he will be fine.”

Globo Esporte recalls that the relationship between Manchester City and the Brazilian national team staff has been great since last month, when manager Tite and director Edu Gaspar visited the club.

They say Brazil are ‘well seen’ by the European clubs because of the long reports they send when the players are on international duty. And now that they needed information on Jesus, it seems that Manchester City did their part as well.