Manchester United goalkeeper Sérgio Romero is expected to be returning to the Argentine national team soon, but his fitness is still a matter of concern in his home country.

Local newspaper Olé questions today if the player will be ready for the next call up, especially because he hasn’t made an official appearance since his knee injury earlier this year.

The outlet points out that Romero couldn’t have any minutes during Manchester United’s pre-season friendlies in the United States, and wasn’t even on the bench for the Premier League match against Leicester City.

Still, the goalkeeper would still be in the plans from the national team’s new staff. He’s said to be evaluating his physical condition to know if he will be able to play the next friendlies.

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Romero was involved in a controversy because of this injury which took him out of the World Cup, as his wife claimed that he could have been ready to play the tournament had the staff decided to keep him in the squad.

However, if a couple of months later the goalkeeper is still not fully recovered, maybe he would have never had the conditions to be playing at that time.