Last week, Denmark manager Åge Hareide announced his latest national squad and explained that whilst he wasn’t calling up Christian Eriksen initially, he also wasn’t ruling him out for both upcoming games.

Hareide made it clear that he didn’t want to get on the wrong side of Tottenham over the situation, so was waiting for the all-clear, either from player or club, rather than pushing Spurs for their answer: “Eriksen has an inflammation in a stomach muscle. Viktor Fischer got a foot injury. Both are questionable for the matches against Ireland and Austria. If both are ready, we become 24 men in the squad. We have notified the clubs that we will take them if they are ready. There will be trouble with the clubs if we took them now while they are injured,

“If he gets better, it may be that he first joins the team in Ireland right before the match. We must see how it goes. If I call Pochettino and ask for Christian Eriksen, then the answer will be no. Therefore, I have to wait and see.”

At his Danish team press conference, the manager has of course been questioned about his star player again, and Denmark’s BT quote him as saying: “Christian has a problem with a stomach muscle and Tottenham have probably tried to report that it is a lengthy nature, and it is doubtful whether we can lure him to Dublin and get him to play. I don’t think that Tottenham is particularly interested in (him playing).”

Hareide was then asked exactly what he meant by lengthy, and he explained he means Eriksen has been out for a series of matches, again not being completely clear.

To get to the point, the Danish interviewer asked if it’s going to be weeks or months before fans will again see Eriksen on a football pitch, to which Hareide said: “I don’t really know. You should take it up with the doctor.”