Every now and again, an article pops up in the Catalan media saying saying Barcelona have received no offers for Philippe Coutinho, and that’s been the case again today.

The Brazilian hasn’t exactly received the best coverage since moving to the club from Liverpool, and it seems like his agent is sick of the situation.

A week ago Kia Joorabchian told RMC that Barcelona have no intention of selling the player. Before that it had been repeatedly reported Coutinho could be used as part of the deal to get Neymar from PSG.

It’s near certain that Barcelona couldn’t fund such a move without either serious sales, or including high value players as part of the deal.

Now Joorabchian has heard differently, and is clearly unhappy with what’s been going on with his client and Barca.

Speaking to RMC again, he’s quoted as saying:“As I told you last time, Pep Segura (Barca director) told me that Coutinho was not available for a departure from Barcelona. Josep Bartomeu (the club’s president president) told me the same thing last week in Barcelona.

“The president was clear: he had no intention of selling the player, to any club. With this speech, we chose not to look at the market for our player, out of respect for Barcelona’s decision to keep him, so we have not offered the player to other clubs. 

“But I learned, and it’s a fact, that André Cury (Barcelona recruiter for South America) is making a totally different speech, and André Cury is pushing for Coutinho to be included in the transfer of Neymar from PSG. As I told you, Coutinho has no offer from another club because we respected the decision of Barcelona, ​​but they do not respect the word they gave to us.

“It will not be allowed for Barcelona to lie about the player. They must tell the truth! And if they want Coutinho to leave, they have to say it. And with the player, we will decide what is best for his future.”

That sounds fair enough. If Coutinho is really available for sale, it may be a good idea to share that plan with his agents.