Over the weekend, the English media linked Arsenal with a move for Philippe Coutinho.

The idea is that if the Gunners fail to secure the future of Martin Odegaard beyond this season they’ll be looking for someone else, and the Barcelona player could be that man.

Those claims have inevitably ended up in Spain, where potential Arsenal interest is treated with some excitement on behalf of the Catalan club.

Since not long after signing the Brazilian, Barcelona have regretted the finances of the deal and that’s seen a long shadow cast over the player.

It’s got to the stage that there’s not even a great desire for Coutinho to succeed, because that would cost the La Liga club more in transfer fee.

Tuesday’s edition of Mundo Deportivo reports that if the player reaches 100 games for Barcelona, then a further €20m is payable to Liverpool.

That’s why he’d be handed to Arsenal, or anyone else for that matter, at a ‘much lower price’ than he cost. This opportunity is clearly there for the Gunners should they wish, and it shouldn’t be forgotten just how well Coutinho did during his days in the Premier League.