Two days ago, Jose Mourinho was relieved from his duties as the manager of Manchester United.

On December 19th, Ole Gunnar Solskjaer was appointed as the interim manager until the end of the season, while Mike Phelan returned to the club as the first team coach.

United executive chairman Ed Woodward said he is confident the above two will be able to ‘unite the players and the fans’, suggesting there was disharmony inside the dressing room when the Portuguese tactician was in charge.

Now that Mourinho’s gone, the players who under performed under the former manager will have pressure to impress with their performance, according to Owen Hargreaves.

The ex-Bayern Munich man spoke to Norway’s TV2 and said no one will blame the Old Trafford favourite, if it doesn’t work for him.

“The pressure is on the players. If it does not work, nobody will blame him [Solskjaer],” he said.

“I do not think one person will do it. The pressure is on players because it was easy to get rid of Mourinho. Now the players have no excuse for not performing well.”

“I think everyone who knows him will respect him for the way he is and what he has achieved. I’m sure those he has had before will want to help Ole, because if he’s doing well, it’s good for everyone.

“He will want to play the Man United way – offensive. It will suit players like Pogba and Lingard.”

Hargreaves also pinpointed as to how the mood in the training ground will change after Solskjaer took reigns following Mourinho’s exit.

“What I’ve noticed with United is that it’s so bad for everyone: the players, Mourinho, the fans. Now everyone can be a bit more positive, smile and have a little nicer,” the 37-year-old explained.

“It will make a difference in the short term, but should it be maintained, the results must also come,”

“He can easily go on a victory line, gain some self-confidence and get into the team, and get the players on their side and create a little positive.”