On June 28th, Sport Witness covered claims from Italy that Jose Mourinho was pushing Manchester United to move ‘quickly’ and close a deal to sign Leonardo Bonucci.

Mourinho was said to be worried of an ‘auction’ situation developing which would make signing the AC Milan defender even harder. The potential competition to Manchester United was named as PSG, Manchester City and Chelsea.

On June 30th, Gazzetta dello Sport reported the Old Trafford club had been continuing their efforts to court the player. The same Italian newspaper covered United interest again in their Sunday edition.

If TMW are correct, there’s now the worry Mourinho predicted. PSG have made contact with the player’s agent directly, and so have ‘the greats of the Premier League’.

The player’s agent, Alessandro Lucci, will now hold a ‘summit’ with Milan in ‘the coming days’ to present the offers from France and England.

Should the claims be correct then the auction scenario Mourinho wanted to avoid sounds like it’s already in full swing, so he’ll now need to push Manchester United strongly if he wants to get ahead and secure Bonucci.