As Tottenham Hotspur fans will very quickly find out, Jose Mourinho has enemies everywhere. Almost every match will have an agenda hanging over it after a previous disagreement with someone connected to the opposition.

In Spain the manager is just as famous as he is in England, and occupied countless sports pages when in charge of Real Madrid. There were rows within the dressing room, and endless disagreements with those at other clubs, not to mention the Spanish media.

Given the impact he had, the rest of his career will be covered closely, and that means the spotlight now moves to Tottenham.

AS has a column today saying Mourinho’s ‘propaganda’ got him the Spurs job. It’s explained that when the manager is without a club he isn’t out of work, as he makes sure to spend time giving out interviews and making sure everyone remembers he’s available.

The Spanish newspaper says the former Manchester United boss is helped by many in the media, who further his cause, and AS adds: ‘For some unknown reason, sports directors and presidents continue to buy Mourinho’s speech… Few technicians with his cache would have found the opportunity that now presents itself after three consecutive layoffs.’

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For AS, there’s no question that Mourinho’s last three jobs (United, Chelsea, Madrid) ended in failure, and it’s claimed he left the positions because the clubs ‘threw him out’.

Even if he brings success to Tottenham, AS ask ‘at the cost of what?’ and suggest the manager will undo all the careful financial planning which had been put in place under Mauricio Pochettino… whilst also making more enemies along the way.