Voetbal Krant are one of several already looking at what Manchester United’s reaction may be to Marouane Fellaini’s injury, even though the full extent of the issue isn’t known yet.

Fellaini picked up a knee injury whilst playing for Belgium against Bosnia on Saturday evening, and it’s thought the circumstances will anger Jose Mourinho.

Voetbal Krant are probably right to say there’ll be no ‘laughing’ for the Manchester United manager, given that Fellaini was already injured anyway. The midfielder hadn’t been able to fully train with the Belgium squad at the start of the international break, and had to be eased into the routines.

Under that condition it may have been thought Fellaini would be rested, but this is Belgium and the country have a long, and strangely proud, history of defying clubs and using players to their own means without an apparent great concern for further damage.

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This time it’s Fellaini who has been the man to face a further injury, and Belgium manager Roberto Martinez ‘fears the worst’ say Voetbal Krant, and believes there’s knee ligament damage.

It’s not often that managers speak out about how Belgium deal with injuries and fitness, with players reluctant to see their stature threatened in a squad with many options, but there’s every chance Mourinho will share his unhappiness should scans reveal a long spell out for Fellaini.