The Italian, Spanish and English media have gone to some effort over the past few days to make it very clear that Jose Mourinho really wants Paul Pogba. There’s been different ways of saying it, but the general line is that Mourinho is insistent Manchester United do all they can to sign the French midfielder.

Whilst Edward Woodward and the club can formulate a huge bid and put together personal terms that would even see Mino Raiola chuckle, what they can’t do is mind control.

If Pogba decides he’s happy at Juventus and doesn’t want to leave the club then that’s the end of things.

Therefore it’s wise for Manchester United to have a back-up option, and unsurprisingly Super Deporte say that man is Andre Gomes.

The Portuguese midfielder has seen his star hugely rise this summer, almost completely because he’s been linked with Manchester United.

Regional Valencia newspaper Super Deporte say Gomes is wrapped up in the Pogba situation, because if Manchester United buy the Frenchman then Juventus will go for Gomes as a replacement.

Juventus have repeatedly been linked to Gomes, but money has proved a problem. Selling Pogba for all the money in the world would change that situation.

On the flip side, if Manchester United fail to get Pogba, then Super Deporte say the club will go for Gomes instead.

Valencia have raised the Andre Gomes price to €65m, which makes €100m for Paul Pogba look cheap. Pogba has proven far more in the game than the Portuguese midfielder, and shown he can impress at the top level season after season.