Brazil’s biggest TV Channel Globo aired a mini doccumentary about Manchester United over the weekend. As part of a special series telling the history of the biggest clubs in the world, the 20-minute show covered Manchester United’s greatest achievements since the Matt Busby era.

Former club players such as Wilf McGuinness and Lee Martin were both interviewed for the show. And as the most successful Brazilian who played for Manchester United, midfielder Anderson was also invited to talk a little.

“Ferguson is unique. He knows when he’ll need players,” said the midfielder when the show started talking about the manager.

Anderson played for Manchester United from 2007 to 2014, winning four Premier League titles and one Champions League.

Speaking about his generation at the club, Anderson said: “We wanted to win all the championships in England. We wanted to win all the championships we were playing.”

He was also asked to recall the night in Moscow when he took one of the penalties which gave Manchester United the Champions League title against Chelsea.

“So a moment of ours arrived, we reached a final against an English club, which was Chelsea, and the situation with the penalties happened.

“I only got on the pitch to take the penalty. Because Giggs looked at Ferguson and said: ‘Bring Anderson because Anderson takes penalties well’.

“My mother was in the stands crying. And when the ball went in… what a relief it was. Imagine being in history for missing the penalty (laughs).”

“Anderson-son-son… I only know how to sing a bit!”

Anderson is currently at Internacional, a big Brazilian club which was relegated for the first time in their history last month. The player has recently been linked to a Middlesbrough move.