Felipe Anderson’s transfer from Lazio to West Ham is still a subject of controversy in Brazil, where people are fighting for part of the money.

As reported by UOL today, the dispute is between Giuliano Bertolucci, Felipe Anderson’s agent, and his former club Santos.

Bertolucci loaned some millions to Santos a few years ago. Although it may sound absurd for an English reader, this is a common issue in Brazil.

Santos still haven’t paid what they owe, and that’s why the agent has sued the club. He wants up to R$8.2m (€2m) from the transfer to be blocked by the court and go to him.

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Santos claim that from the €38m paid by West Ham to Lazio, something between R$12m and R$17m (€2.8m to €4m) should go to the club, as Felipe Anderson played there for many years.

To protect themselves gainst Bertolucci’s part blocked, Santos are claiming that they need the money so they can pay players and employees.

Meanwhile, Felipe Anderson keeps himself completely distanced from the issue, and even recorded a video congratulating the club on their last anniversary.