One day the Catalan media will get over the Philippe Coutinho transfer, but we are still far away from that happening.

Barcelona signed the Brazilian from Liverpool in 2018, and didn’t seem to know exactly what they should do with him. Despite breaking multiple transfer records in the process of the purchase, and battling with Jurgen Klopp’s side for many months, Barca clearly had no real idea how the player would fit into their system.

That wasn’t Coutinho’s fault, yet the personal attacks started and he’s found it hard to build a Camp Nou career since then.

Monday’s edition of Catalan newspaper Sport takes some more shots at the player, saying the transfer from Liverpool saw money ‘thrown into the toilet of nonsense’, and his situation remains ‘hopeless’.

Barcelona continue to ‘desperately’ look for a club which will take Coutinho and his wages away from them. According to the claims, he has a ‘proven lousy personality’ and this has contributed to the issues.

Maybe the next time Barcelona want to break transfer records, they should first work out how they’re going to use the player.