Burnley’s success in the Premier League is, every now and again, the subject of praising articles in the European media.

The Lancashire club are seen as almost from another time, representing a forgotten period of English football at the very top of the shiny modern game.

It’s not meant as disrespect, there’s something rather romantic about the whole thing for European football fans and their respective media. In a Premier League full of money and brashness, Burnley are the old battling English club who bring back those European childhood memories of gritty football in this country.

In October, France Football reported on ‘La métamorphose’ of Burnley and how the club are changing but managing to keep an identity: ‘Almost nothing has changed in Burnley, amazing intruders in the top 6 of the Premier League, and almost everything at the same time.

‘It would be a shame to lose this Burnley, moreover, a nice version of Tony Pulis’ Stoke and all the Sam Allardyce teams. A little roughness has never hurt.’

This weekend sees the turn of Marca, Spain’s prominent sport newspaper.

Dubbing Burnley’s success ‘The miracle north of Manchester’, the credit is given to Sean Dyche, and to the club for sticking by him when the times haven’t been so good.

Such is Burnley’s success, say Marca for a Spanish audience, that they’re providing players to the England squad, and the rise continues apace, but keeping that ‘character’ which is so cherished.

Travelling to Burnley ‘has become a first-rate challenge for everyone’, and the club have been winning the hearts and minds of fans increasingly far away.