Mino Raiola often comes out with comments which totally contradict what is being reported about a transfer. As the French, Italian and English media have reached some kind of unison, claiming a deal is agreed for Pogba to move to Manchester United, Raiola has once again rubbished it.

That’s Raiola’s official and verified Twitter account and it’s the second time this week he’s moved to calm transfer stories.

It’s really very curious, when there appears to be no transfer in the offing, Raiola is repeatedly happy to talk one up. Then, when a transfer seems very close indeed, Raiola instead prefers to talk the situation down.

Manchester United fans will remember that Raiola continually played down claims Zlatan Ibrahimovic was signing for the club.

The agent seems to like to swim against the tide, and have the media chase him around, or made to look like fools. It’s unclear whether Raiola is having a Comical Ali moment, or there’s problems in a potential transfer.

It would be no surprise if Raiola, an emotional kind of guy, is frustrated at a last minute hitch in a deal, hence the ‘lots of bla, bla, bla’ comment.