Earlier on Tuesday, doubts were expressed as to whether or not Tottenham were really interested in Nahitan Nández.

They came from FC Inter News, who stated the player’s agent hadn’t heard anything from Spurs, and there was an accusation of sorts that the reported desire of the London club to sign the player was just a tactic used by Cagliari to put pressure on Inter.

That being said, there are a number of other outlets who believe otherwise, including Centotrentuno, who seem adamant that Tottenham want the Uruguayan.

They report that Cagliari are open to a paid loan of €10m with a future fee of €15-20m would be enough to get a deal for Nández sorted, and ‘that’s exactly where the negotiation with Tottenham Hotspur starts, even if the formal offer is still missing’.

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It’s stated the midfielder’s name ‘is at the top of Paratici’s wishlist’, and ‘confirmations from London are constant’, as the club ‘would like to add’ the player to their midfield, ‘attracted by the versatility and characteristics that perfectly match the style of the team’.

Furthermore, the operation for Nández isn’t dependent on Harry Kane, as the director of football ‘would like to give Nuno Espirito Santo some graft regardless of whether the centre-forward’ leaves the club.

Not only that, but Nández ‘would like the London destination and would not have vetoed the transfer’.

Following the win against Manchester City, ‘there would be no intention of waiting too long to launch the assault’ for the player, and it’s now up to Spurs to ‘pass from words to deeds’.