Sporting midfielder Adrien Silva received thigh injury last weekend, which will leave him out of the games for about a month.

However, the player has still one more physical issue to be solved, and between all the guilty parts for this other problem, even Leicester City are involved.

CapturarAccording to A Bola, Adrien has been playing with a knee injury since February. The player has needed an arthroscopy since then, but has been delaying the operation due to his personal goals.

First Sporting were fighting for the Portuguese league title, which never came, as they finished the season two points behind Benfica. Then there was the Euros, with Portugal lifting the trophy, making Adrien’s sacrifice worthwhile.

And then there were the negotiations with Leicester, looked upon kindly by the player. As we all know by now, he really believed the transfer was sealed, but Sporting ended up demanding much more than what the Foxes were willing to pay.

The midfielder could have had the surgery during his holidays, but the possibility of a transfer convinced him not to do so. Now, since he would be sidelined because of this thigh injury anyway, he will solve both problems in one and already had the arthroscopy, which will mean an extra couple of weeks out of the team.

Adrien Silva will miss two League games, one cup tie and two Champions League matches against Borussia Dortmund. He’s still doubtful to return against Arouca in 30 days, so he may only make his comeback by the end of November.

Given the way his Leicester move so publicly collapsed, hindsight would suggest Adrien should have got the issue out of the way once Euro 2016 was over. Still, should Leicester want to return for the midfielder in the short to medium term then this is one last thing to worry about.