Argentine newspaper Olé brings some good news for Boca Juniors fans today, claiming that Alexis Mac Allister is not leaving the club next month.

They write that Brighton & Hove Albion, who bought the midfielder and loaned him to Boca Juniors until next summer, were thinking of paying an amount and taking the player to England in January.

But according to Olé, this isn’t happening. One of the reasons for it is that Mac Allister wants to stay in Buenos Aires for now.

There was also a clause allowing Brighton to take him in case he didn’t take part in 50% of Boca Juniors’ matches. What’s happening is the opposite, with Mac Allister being very important for the Argentine side.

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The player’s great form at Boca Juniors is actually convincing the club to try to keep him for longer. There’s a clause which allows them to match any bids Brighton get for the player.

For Boca, the problem is Brighton paid US$10m to sign Mac Allister last year, and their intention to take him in January only shows that he should soon have a place in their squad. That only makes their mission a lot harder.