When the wilder corners of the Spanish rumour media are talking up incomings for Real Madrid and Barcelona, they also have to talk up potential outgoings, if only to make room for their imaginary signings.

Over several months, perhaps longer, Toni Kroos has become one of the most used Real Madrid players when exits are talked up.

There’s been various reasons claimed, the German wants to try something new, he’s in the autumn of his career at the grand old age of 29, and his sale would bring in money which could be spent elsewhere.

Manchester United are often the chosen destination, and that’s what Don Balon, Spain’s imagineers-in-chief, repeat. It’s claimed Kroos has a ‘very important offer’ to move to Old Trafford and is ‘more than willing to accept’ the transfer and play for Jose Mourinho.

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As usual, it’s worth pointing out this is chiefly being led by Don Balon.

Kroos to Manchester United isn’t really a widespread thing in the Spanish media, but what’s also worth pointing out is that Kroos and Real Madrid has often felt like a marriage of convenience, rather than any real love affair.

An exit wouldn’t be astonishing.