João Carlos Teixeira is pretty happy for going back to Portugal. The former Liverpool midfielder is doing the pre-season with Porto, and in an interview with Porto Cantal (via O Jogo), he talked about the differences between living in his home country and in the UK.

“The quality of life here is much better than in England,” Teixeira told Porto Canal.

“We have the sun; if I was there I would have to train wearing long-sleeved shirts; I couldn’t go to the beach or a terrace; and here I have the family close and our food.”

When asked about the shirt he will be wearing at Porto, he also didn’t miss a chance to remember how it was at Liverpool: “I think it will only be chosen the end of the month. I was the 53 at Liverpool, now I get to choose.”

In four years as a Liverpool player, Teixeira made only eight appearances for the Reds. The midfielder spent most of his professional time in England on loan, as he played for Brentford and Brighton in the Championship.

The 23-year-old permanently left Liverpool for Porto last month for free.