Little by little, Sporting star Bruno Fernandes is admitting the big possibility he has of moving to the Premier League this summer.

After speaking just a little here and there about his wish of being transferred to England, the player has finally opened up about both Manchester City and Manchester United, the clubs who have been heavily linked to him lately.

The quotes come from Trio de Ataque, from RTP, and are brought by newspaper Record, who have the story on their front page this Monday.

First speaking of the move, Bruno has stopped trying to avoid the rumours, and claimed it should happen now: “I feel it’s the moment. Last year, after the contract termination, I was able to go to England, I had three clubs interested, but I didn’t feel prepared. What I’ve done this year has shown me, not anyone else, that I’m prepared for any kind of challenge”.

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Then he spoke a little about the advantages that each of the Manchester club would have in the race: “In England, there are many teams that are a big challenge. Obviously, there are two teams that have been talked about a lot, United and City. City are a team who are winning everything in England in recent years. United are one of the teams with more history. Each in its own way has its own importance and strengths. Obviously they are two clubs that any player would like to represent”.

It turns out that Bernardo Silva is something that weighs for Manchester City in this battle: “Playing next to Bernardo would be very good, City would be a great opportunity. Being able to play alongside a player like him would make things ever simpler”.

But Liverpool, who have recently been linked to Fernandes as well, perhaps could get a chance due to his admiration for Jurgen Klopp: “I’ve always seen England as my dream. Regardless of the names of the clubs, in England there are many that I would like to represent.”

“Guardiola advocates a supportive and beautiful football, with good pressure at the moment of the ball loss. Klopp has a more offensive, direct football, with players more focused towards the goal. Both are great. I like both. If I become a coach, I would like to put together the best of each. I love Guardiola and Klopp, each one with his ideas”.