On Thursday, Portuguese newspapers Correio da Manhã and O Jogo both claimed Middlesbrough’s Fabio da Silva had been offered to Sporting CP, with the player being mentioned as a ‘cheap option’ for the club.

It’s already been reported the fullback has been offered around, but since the Brazilian club Cruzeiro claimed Middlesbrough didn’t want to let him go, it was strange for the Portuguese media to believe a transfer would be cheap.

Middlesbrough have shown this summer that they won’t be bullied over transfers, with further weakened the Portuguese stance.

Fittingly, A Bola has different information today, and it’s information which makes more sense. They confirm, like other sources, that Sporting’s interest in the player has gone cold.

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The reason for Sporting backing away is purely financial.

A Bola claim Middlesbrough’s demands are too high, so Sporting will have to go for the other option, which should be Stefan Ristovski.

Middlesbrough’s asking price isn’t mentioned.

Fabio da Silva still has one year left in his contract with Middlesbrough, and whether he’d apprehensive about the Championship or not, any transfer will be on Middlesbrough’s terms.