Philippe Coutinho’s goal against Stoke City last Saturday means a lot to him. He’s now the Brazilian who’s scored most times in the Premier League.

This was Coutinho’s 30th goal, surpassing Juninho Paulista’s 29. The former Middlesbrough midfielder may have left the club in 2004, but his record lived on for a long time.

Middlesbrough legend Juninho was interviewed by ESPN Brasil this week, and besides speaking of Brazilian players’ adaptation to England, he was also asked about losing the record: “Already in my time, I considered the Premier League one of the best leagues in the world. And now, everyone has proven it.

“Regarding the record, I think it’s a great achievement. Philippe Coutinho is an excellent player, is playing greatly, deserves it, and I think their success will only grow.

“Brazilians are increasingly adapting to English football. It’s fast-paced football, but on the pitch you can find plenty of spaces to play.”

Brazilian website Trivela has made a list of the Brazilian top scorers in the Premier League, and there are a lot of young players who could still get a great mark.

Apart from Oscar, who left Chelsea with 21 goals, there is Roberto Firmino, also a Liverpool player, getting close with 20 so far.

Willian has 17, and is tied with Ramires and Gilberto Silva. Former Manchester City players Robinho and Elano both have 14.

But we obviously must expect great things from Gabriel Jesus, who has three goals in only four games. Former Middlesbrough player Juninho thinks he can get there, and made some comments on him as well: “Even because of his personality. You see he came and he was not intimidated. This demonstrates personality.

“So he has all the features that English football needs. Sure enough, when he comes back from injury, he’ll do the same or even better.”