We’ve all heard of transfer sagas, but when it comes to Kike García’s move to Middlesbrough, there’s no other definition for it.

The striker joined Boro in 2017 from Real Murcia but lasted just two years in the North East before returning to Spain with SD Eibar.

That should have been the end of his association with the club but, five years after he signed, Middlesbrough remain in a dispute about him.

That’s because Murcia say they’re still owed €1m as part of a clause that was in the original deal. That stated should Middlesbrough be promoted to the Premier League, Murcia would get the money.

Boro never managed that while García was still at the club but rather at the end of the season in which he had left in the January transfer window.

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Middlesbrough’s belief is therefore that they don’t have to pay and naturally, Murcia think otherwise.

The case has been in FIFA’s hands ever since and they ruled in Murcia’s favour last November, but the Championship side delayed it until September by questioning the decision.

La Verdad now report that they have held the process up again, with them waiting until the last day of a 20-day deadline to submit their case.

Murcia now expect the whole process to be extended by another six months, with a decision likely to arrive in April.

That’s not great, although the newspaper explains the consolation for them is that interest from 2016 will have to be added to the original amount.

Even should FIFA rule in Murcia’s favour, they may not end up seeing any of the money, because the Spanish taxman is keeping a close eye on proceedings.

Murcia owe €200,000 and winning this case would be a ‘relief’ for them in this regard as it would reduce the debt and improve the relationship between the club’s owners and the Treasury.